Baseus USB C HUB to HDMI-compatible VGA USB 3.0 Adapter 9 11 in 1 USB Type C HUB Dock for MacBook Pro Air PD RJ45 SD
品牌名稱: 倍思接口類型: USB C型港口: 11功能: HDMI兼容/讀卡器/RJ45標準: USB 3.0產地: 中國大陸包裝: 是的插頭標準: 沒有任何長度: 15cm型號: 倍思USB Type C HUB帶LED指示燈認證: CE、FCC、RoHS功能: USB HUB,USB C HUB,USB-C HUB,Type C HUB特徵 1 : USB-C轉HDMI/讀卡器/RJ45/PD適配器特徵 2 : 適用於 MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air特點 3 : 適用於華為 P40/Mate 40/P30/Mate 20/P20/Mate10特點 4 : 適用於三星 Galaxy S20/Note 20/S10/S9/S8特點 5 : 適用於一加 8/8 Pro/8T Pro特徵 6 : 適用於 Surface 3/Book 2/Go/Pro 7
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價錢 HK$335


There are 4 models optional, different model with different interface and appearance, please choose suitable model before purchase:

(1) 11-in-1 HDMI-compatible Audio: 2*4K HD + 3*USB3.0 + VGA + 3.5mm Jack Audio + SD + TF + RJ45 + PD(✮Support Triple Display for Windows,Triple screen Mirror Mode for Apple Laptop)

(2) 9-in-1 HDMI-compatible RJ45 VGA: 4K HD + 3*USB3.0 + VGA +SD + TF + RJ45 + PD(✮Support 2 screen Mirror Mode)

(3) 7-in-1 HDMI-compatible SD TF : 1*4K HD + 2*USB3.0 + SD + TF + Type-C usb + PD (Not Support Triple Display/ 2 screen Mirror Mode)

(4) 5-in-1 HDMI-compatible 3USB: 1*4K HD + 3*USB3.0 + PD (Not Support Triple Display/ 2 screen Mirror Mode)

3 Screens with Different Displays for a Smart Office

Metal Gleam Series 11-in-1 Multifunctional Type-C HUB Docking Station

11-in-1 Functional Expansion

It allows your laptop with a single interface to connect to a variety of devices.
Note: use multiple ports simultaneously.

100W High Power

Flash Charge  for Laptops

Note: the actual output power is determined by the power of a charger. This HUB supports up to 100W fast charging.

Support BC1.2 Fast Charge Protocol

The USB interface supports 5V/1.5A fast charging. It can charge mobile phones and tablets at the same time without waiting for charging.

4 Screens Extension, Switch at Will

Compatible with Apple OS/Windows systems and able to expand to three large screens simultaneously, extend mode/mirror mode display at any time, displaying different content in multi-screen mode.

Apple OS mirror mode display

Apple OS extend mode display

Windows mirror mode display

Windows extend mode display

Fast Heat Dissipation

All aluminum alloy material and sandblasting and anodizing process offer delicate texture and wear resistance.

4K HD Quality, Compelling Visual Experience

The HDMI port supports 4K@30Hz for cinema-grade visual effects.

Connect to a TV via HDMI
Enjoy 4Kd30Hz cinema-grade visual effects.

Connect a laptop to a projector
Make a clear presentation on a big screen.

Efficient Transmission, File Transfer in 5 Seconds

USB3.0 transmission speed is up to 5Gbps, pictures and large files can be easily transmitted in seconds.

Enjoy Wired Network

Without Stutter and Dropping Connection

Support 1000 Mbps/100 Mbps/10Mbps for working and playing games

SD/TF Card Read Simultaneously

Transfer Photos/Files Easily

About 60MB/s of high speed transmission can be realized even if your PC has no card slot.

Fine,Solid and Durable

All aluminum alloy material and sandblasting and oxidation process.

Mini and Portable, A Plug Can be Stored

Mini size makes it easy to be put into a pocket and briefcase.

Original Color Scheme

Orange dot design on the connector for attractive appearance.

Know the Working Status Any Time

An ice blue soft light indicates the working status.

3.5mm Audio Port, Play Beautiful Music

Connect to headphones, speakers, etc., for lossless sound quality, without current noise.

High Compatibility, Plug-and-Play

Apple OS, Pad OS, Windows and other systems support driver-free installation.

Compatible Devices List

Product Parameters

Material: Aluminum alloy
Craft: Sandblasting and anodizing
Color: Space Gray
Input: Type-C
PD port: 5V/9V/14.5V/20V5A(Max.)
HDMI: Supports 4Kd30Hz HD Display (Max.]
VGA: Supports 1920*1080P(a60Hz (Max.)
USB 3.0: Supports 5Gbps (Max.),and is compatible with USB 2.0 backward
RJ45: Supports 10Mbps,100Mbps,1000Mbps Network port
SD/TF port: Supports SD 2.0 data transmission and simultaneous reading
3.5mm audio: US standard (CTIA]
Support system: Apple OS,Pad OS,Windows
Standby current: <400mA
Voltage: 5V-20V
Weight: 127±5g
Applicable devices:Type-C notebooks,mobile phones such as Apple Book Pro2016/2017/2018/2019/2020, Apple Book Air 2018/2019/2020 etc.

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