Baseus USB Type C HUB USB HUB to RJ45 Lan USB-C HUB For MacBook Pro USB HUB Splitter Multi USB 3.0 PD Adapter Computer USB HUB
品牌名稱: 倍思接口類型: USB C型港口: 8個功能: HDMI兼容/讀卡器/RJ45標準: USB 3.0產地: 中國大陸包裝: 是的插頭標準: 沒有任何長度: 約28cm帶線型號: 倍思 USB Type C HUB to 4K HD RJ45 USB 3.0 USB HUB認證: CE認證項目名稱: 倍思 USB Type-C to USB 3.0+RJ45 TF/SD讀卡器HUB適配器顏色: 灰色的HDMI 兼容連接器: 支持4K/30Hz高清屏顯支持系統: Mac OS Sierra/Windows 10/Google Chrome OS等USB 3.0 數據傳輸速度: 數據傳輸5Gbps,向下兼容USB2.0RJ45接口: 支持1000Mbps網絡C 型 PD 端口: 支持20V/3A(60W)閃充USB C 端口適合: 適用於 MacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018/2019;適用於華為Matebook、小米AirType-C 端口可用: 適用於華為 Mate 10/P20/Mate 20 小米 8 三星 S8 S9 S10 Plus3.5 毫米輔助插孔: 適用於耳機耳機喇叭類型: 多 USB C HUB 適配器,USB C 型 HUB 連接器,USB 分路器
出貨方式 送貨
價錢 HK$364

New Upgraded Version Born for Expansion

8-port expansion | Multi-screen extended display | Ice blue light | Elbow cable head design

One Port Opens Eight Use Your Equipment Together

for Apple Book are for Working Get More Work Done with Extended Displays

Equipped with ITE6563 and PS176 dual-control chip to extend displays on Apple computers. Fully meet the needs of presentations, meetings, teaching and more.

4K Laser Quality Flawless Playback

HDMI-compatible port 1 supports 4K@60Hz output
HDMI-compatible port 2 supports 4K@30Hz output

PD 100W Charging No More Long Waits for Full Charge

Make your MackBook power outage-proof with a supplemental power supply. Supports PD up to 100W high-power fast charging. so you can still work and surf while quickly charging your computer.

Dual USB expansion Use more Devices Together

Includes 2 USB 3.0 interfaces, which can be used by two devices at the same time.
Up to 5Gbps dual-port transmission speed easily supports two 4T hard drives.

2T Reader Quick Upload

Includes dual-slot TF/SD flash memory card reader for photographers, video professionals, and hobbyists. You don't need to slow down to quickly process massive files without.

Top Choice for Mission Critical Tasks

Support 1000M / 100M / 10M network speeds with downloads and transfers completed in seconds. Say goodbye to bangingt your desk while reconnecting to support WiFi.

Powerful for Effortless Use

Each function module has an independent chip, to run smoothly and safely.

Compatible with Even More Devices

for Apple Book Pro 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016
for Apple Book Air 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016

Details Upgrade is Good Enough

- Elbow design: Easy to use without getting in the way of your mouse
- Tempered glass: Smooth mirror surface adds a nice touch
- Ice blue indicator: Quickly view working status
- Aluminum alloy enclosure: Matches your laptop and more resistant to wear

Applicable to the following equipment

For Computer with Type-C interface
for Apple Book / HUAWEI MateBook / Xiaomi Notebook / Asus Lingyao / Lenovo X1
For phone
For Huawei P30 / P30 Pro / P20 / P20 Pro / Mate20 / Mate20 Pro / 20X
For Samsung Note 10

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