品牌名稱: 漢菲電子接口類型: USB 1.1港口: 3個功能: 沒有任何標準: USB 1.1產地: 中國大陸模塊名稱: USBIHUB01輸入接口: USB C型輸入電壓: 直流+5V輸出電壓: DC +5V (3端口)最大輸出電流: 內部 500mA(總計)或外部電源 2A
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USB Isolated HUB Module For Audio RF Wireless Charging Data Noise Elimination Download Debugging


1> Built in MCU scheduling algorithm + high-speed hub IC to ensure data speed and reliability.

2> Industrial USB isolation chip is used to support high-speed, full speed and low-speed modes.

3> The isolated power supply + LDO architecture is used to provide low noise and stable voltage output.

4> Industrial IO interface, over-voltage and over-current protection, with LED power indicator.

5> With high-quality USB cable, you can also purchase industrial USB Type-C cable by yourself.

6> Support charging and data synchronization, power supply enhancement and high current output.


USBIHUB01 isolated hub is a high-performance USB expansion protection device, which can be applied to PC interface protection and expansion, MAC computer interface expansion, Manufactoria, high-speed data acquisition port, etc. It is applicable to IOS, Linux, Windows, Android, Hongmeng, IoT OS and other operating systems.


Module Name: USBIHUB01

Input Interface: USB Type-C

Input Voltage: DC +5V

Output Voltage: DC +5V (3 Ports)

Max Output Current: Internal 500mA(total) / External power supply 2A


The C4 interface can be used for either output or power input.

1> The module only draws power from the PC and the maximum output current is 500mA.

2> If the right-most port C4 connects to the charging head for power input, the output current of the left A1 and C2 interface can be increased to 2A.

Packing List:

1pcs x USB Isolated Hub Module

1pcs x Data cable

1pcs x 5V 2A Charging head with cable

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