IWISTAO HIFI 4 Inch Bookshelf Solid Wood Empty Sealed Speaker Cabinet 1 Pair 6.9L for G1 Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter
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IWISTAO HIFI 4 Inch Bookshelf Solid Wood Empty Sealed Speaker Cabinet 1 Pair 6.9L for G1 Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter






This is a sealed empty speaker cabinet is made of pure solid birch wood with high hardness and better stability. After the multilayer board is laminated, the uneven density reduces the resonance frequency.

As you know, the greater the material density of the speaker enclosure, the less the vibration produced by the enclosure. Solid wood is more reflective of sound than other materials, and tightness of the wood is higher, and the sound can be effectively expressed by the vibration of the air inside the box. We often say that the sound of wooden speakers is warm, in fact, the word warm means the balance of tri-band that are low, medium and high frequency; if the frequency is too low or too high, it will make people feel uncomfortable. The advantage of wooden speaker is that its playback effect is good, the vibration of the sound inside the box is stable, and the sound effect will be balanced and full.



1. Acoustic design with reasonable structure.

2. Solid wood structure, full of sound quality, warm, three-stage balance. strong bass.

3. Surface of the cabinet is coated with environmentally friendly wood wax oil, which has good textur.




For G1 Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter

G1 Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter








1. Material: pure solid wood

2. Cabinet specifications: 

4 inch (W*H*D): 168mm* 292mm *265mm, sheet thickness 18mm, volume 6.9 liters, net weight 10 kg

3. Quantities: 1 pair

4. It is used for  G1 Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter. 

5. Accessories

a. Binding post terminal

b. Sound absorbing cotton

c. Speaker cable (in the box): 60-80cm


Remark: The position of the speaker screw requires pre-opening (2~3mm), otherwise the screw will crack the wood.



Natural wood will have natural defects such as crusting and texture; there will be color difference in the plate. Hand-made and back-light may use slight scratch marks. If you are a perfectionist, please do not buy it. The pictures are for reference only and are subject to the actual product.




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