LII AUDIO HIFI F-12 單元 12 英寸全頻 8ohm 50-80W 揚聲器  1PCS
品牌名稱: 昆威內閣材料: 木頭音頻交叉: 全系列通訊: 音頻線音箱類型: 組合頻道: 2 (2.0)電池: 不產地: 中國大陸電源: 沒有任何揚聲器箱數量: 1個輸入功率(W) : 50-99 瓦智能個人助理: 沒有任何型號: 殲12遙控器: 不語音控制: 不顯示屏: 不內置麥克風: 不
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定價 HK$1,031
價錢 HK$1,010.4
Lii audio's new F series full-range unit f-12, full paper cone design, small stroke, high sensitivity, typical antique horn style, mellow mid-frequency, low-frequency dive is not deep but there is a thick sound, modern The craftsmanship design retains the antique flavor and improves the resolution, changing the dull style of antique speakers. The mid-to-high frequency has a good texture, and it performs better for vocals, instrumental music, and classical music. The international standard anechoic chamber test QTS value is 0.742, which is very suitable for small baffles.
The full-range speaker does not need a crossover, it produces a single sound without phase distortion, and the sound is more natural and pure.
Our full-range speakers have tried to adjust the sound to be very balanced. It is not recommended to add a notch filter. We think that the limiter changes the horn waveform forcibly and changes the sound of the horn. The inductance, resistance and capacitance of the notch are bound to It will cause sound staining and affect the efficiency of the speaker. The full-range speaker is simple to play, and the pure sound brought by the signal pass-through does not need to be complicated. It is better to change the sound of the speaker through physical adjustment rather than the circuit. Of course, the overall quality can be improved by upgrading the speaker. So please don't use the superfluous thing like wave limiter to play full frequency! Please do not use unnecessary things like wave limiters! Please do not use unnecessary things like wave limiters!
Product parameters:
Standard impedance: 8 ohms
Power: 50-80 watts
Frequency response range: 59-16khz
Magnetic flux: 13500gauss
Total quality factor value (QTS): 0.74
Outer diameter: 315MM
Hole diameter: 283MM
Magnet level: Y35 (ferrite)
Sensitivity: 98dB (2.83V/1m)
Weight: 3.6KG/piece
Basin material: paper cone mixed pulp
Basin frame material: cast aluminum
Hanging: paper edge, cloth bouncing
Phase cone: solid wood

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