HUB C 型 USB C 分配器轉高清 4K 擴展塢 USB 3.0 適配器 TF SD 讀卡器 PD 充電器底座適用於 MacBook Air iPad Pro 筆記本電腦
品牌名稱: 從地接口類型: USB C型港口: 11功能: 讀者標準: USB 3.0產地: 中國大陸長度: 12cm認證: CE、FCC、RoHS包裝: 是的功能: USB 集線器/USB C 集線器/USB-C 集線器/USB 3.0 集線器顏色: 灰色空間支持: TF/PD特徵 1 : 雙TYPE-C公頭特徵 2 : USB 3.0*1+2.0適合 1 : 支持所有type-c通道電腦適合 2 : 三項 S8、S9、S10適合 3 : 華為mate10、mate10pro、P20、P30等MDMI分辨率: 4K30hz端口主控芯片: AG9311產品尺寸: 114*28*11mm產品重量: 75克包裝尺寸: 138*75*18mm包裝重量: 79.4克型號: USB 集線器 11 合 1 擴展塢材料: 鋁合金
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A:  4-in-1 USB Port: USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*3 
B:  4 In 1 Type-C A Port: USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*3 
C:  4 In 1 Type-C B Port: HDMI-compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1+PD
D:  5 In 1 Type-C A Port: HDMI-compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1 + PD+RJ45
E:  5 In 1 Type-C B Port: USB3.0+2.0*2+SD/TF
F:  5-in-1 for Mackbook: HDMI-compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1+PD+Type C
G:  6 In 1 Type-C A Port: HDMI-compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1 + PD+TF+SD 
H:  6 In 1 Type-C B Port : HDMI-compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*2 +TF+SD 
I:  7-in-1 for Mackbook:  HDMI-compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1+PD+Type C+TF+SD
J:  8-in-1 Type-C Port: HDMI-compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*1 + PD Charge +TF+SD+RJ45+ PD Data Transmiton
K:  11-in-1 Type-C Port: HDMI-compatible + USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*3 + PD Charge +TF+SD+RJ45+ AUX+VGA
Multifunctional interface expansion

Free MACBOOK from interface restrictions

One-Stop Solution Type-C Docking Station

Product Parameter

Support connection to 4K HD screen, USB3.0 theoretical transmission speed 5Gbps, SD/TF card transmission speed 480Mbps, Thunderbolt 3 interface transmission speed 40Gbps, maximum support 100W charging

Large file transfer in seconds

Expand dual type-c interface theoretcal transsion speedcan reach 10Gbps and 5Gbps respenctively.

100W PD Fast Charge

support PD fast charging protocol,charging power up to 100W.

U Disk Keyboard easy connection

Expand two USB ports to solve the problem of macbook without usb port.

SD/TF card easy to read

solve the problem of no card slot in notebook computer difficulty in reading card,ect.

4K HD Screen

easily connect to large screen TVs,projectors,play games share meeting and relax.

Fully Compatible With Apple M1 Models

the powerful combination of powerful chip and the expansion dock allows the macbook to fully release its expansion performance

Mini & Portable,Fulfilling the Burden

it is convenient to carry when going out and does not take up space

4K HD aluminum alloy case MacBook dual-plug 5-in-1 docking station

4K HD aluminum alloy case MacBook dual-plug 7-in-1 docking station

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