SAMSUNG Micro SD 卡 128GB Class 10 130MB s 存儲卡 EVO+ EVO Plus microSD 512GB 256GB 64GBTF Card carao de me
品牌名稱: 三星包裝: 是的視頻速度等級: V10應用性能等級: A1產地: KR(原產地)應用: 高速讀寫,手機,平板,筆記本,行車記錄儀,相機,監控,音箱,數碼設備,機器人,無人機,文件存儲,其他班級等級: C10UHS 等級: U1類型: TF / Micro SD 卡讀/寫速度: 800X認證: 行政長官標清類型: 微SDXC添加到購物車: 優先發貨添加到收藏夾 關注店鋪: 非常優先送貨免費送貨購買 2 個以上 micro sd tf 卡: 帶小禮物 免費禮物視頻速度: C10 U1 U3存儲卡: 存儲卡 32 GB,存儲卡 64 GB,存儲卡 128 GB閃存卡: 閃存卡 micro sd電話 tf 卡: 微型 SD 存儲卡大事記: 迷你 sd microsdhc microsdxccarte memoire micro sd : 點卡 32 gb,點 sd 64 gb,點點 sd 128 gb免費的微型 SD 卡適配器: 用於相機的 Micro SD 轉 SD 卡讀卡器: 可用作手機/電腦的 USB 閃存盤品牌: 三星 evo plus、sandisk ultra、sandisk extre 之一品牌一: 不適用於金士頓卡16G 32G 8G : MICROSDHC U1 C1064G 128G 256G 400G 200G 512G 1TB 2T : MICROSDXC U1 C10 U3應用: 手機、智能手機、平板電腦等200GB 256GB 400GB 512GB 1TB 2TB : 免費贈送 SD 適配器微型 SD : 微型 sd 512gb,微型 sd 16gb,微型 sd 400gb,微型 sd 200gb免費送貨: carte micro sd 64GB carte micro sd 128GB carte micro sd 256GBmicro sd for xiaomi smartphone: micro sd for HUAWEI for meizu
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價錢 HK$687

Simply the right card

Get more out of your mobile devices with fast read/write speeds, perfect for 4K UHD video.* With astonishing performance and reliability, EVO Plus lets you save and treasure the richness of life.

*For best 4K UHD video support Samsung recommends using 64GB cards or higher. Host device compatibility may vary.

Fulfill your need for speed

Record and play 4K UHD video. With ultra-fast read & write speeds up to 100MB/s & 90MB/s respectively, the 256GB EVO Plus lets you transfer a 3GB video to your notebook in just 38 seconds.* Shoot high quality photos and videos, and share them all in an instant.

*The foregoing read & write speeds are based on internal tests conducted under controlled conditions. Actual speeds may vary depending upon card capacity.

Capacity to live large

Never worry about space again. With massive amounts of storage the 256GB EVO Plus is enough memory for up to 12 hours of 4K UHD video, 33 hours of Full HD video, 55,200 photos, or 22,500 songs.* So go ahead and savor all of what life has to offer, and keep it all too.

* The forgoing statement is based on internal tests performed with Samsung Galaxy S7 as host device and under the assumption that average actual storage capacity is 93.1% of labeled capacity. Actual storage capacity may be lower than labeled capacity.

Extended compatibility

Compatible with a wide range of devices for both SD and micro SD. You can even capture detailed 4K UHD video. Using an SD adapter is suitable for most devices of all brands, while retaining all the outstanding speed and performance of EVO Plus.

4-Proof protection

Your experiences are irreplaceable, and now unforgettable. Backed by 4-proof protection, the EVO Plus can withstand up to 72 hours in seawater⊃1;, extreme temperatures⊃2;, airport X-ray machines⊃3; and magnetic fields⁴ equivalent to an MRI scanner. Samsung provides a 10-year limited warranty*.

1 Certified waterproof with IEC 60529 and IPX7 rating
2 Operating temperatures of -25°C to 85°C, non-operating temperatures of -40°C to 85°C 3 Up to 50 Roentgen 4 Up to 15,000 gauss *Samsung is not liable for any i) damages and/or loss of data or ii) expenses incurred from memory card data recovery.

Samsung memory card anti-counterfeiting verification method

Method one:The Samsung memory card verification service method has been changed from "anti-counterfeit laser sticker" to "software verification". The product packaging has a V-shaped logo.

New authenticity verification needs to download software from Samsung official website (Samsung official website-after-sales service-download center).

Software download address:

Software instructions (Simplified Chinese):

Software instructions (multiple languages):

During the verification service mode switching, there are two cases where the verification mode coexists in the short term, which is a normal phenomenon.

Method Two:For products packed with the “Anti-counterfeit Laser Sticker” logo, please scrape the anti-counterfeit label layer on the front of the Samsung Memory Card product package to obtain the security barcode,and check the Samsung anti-counterfeiting verification official website.


About real capacity

32GB = approximately 28GB-30GB

64GB = approximately 58GB-60GB

128GB = approximately 116GB-120GB

256GB = approximately 232GB-240GB

This is calculation difference between manufacturer and your PC, please Google \'Memory card capacity\' to get more information.


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