Radiolink AT10 II 12CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R12DS 2.4G AT9S PRO Radio Remote Controller for RC Drone  Fixed Wing
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Radiolink AT10II 12CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R12DS 2.4GHz DSSS&FHSS Spread Radio Remote Controller for RC Drone/Fixed Wing/Multicopters/Helicopter (Mode 2 Left Throttle or Mode 1 Right Throttle)

AT10II Features:

Excellent Anti-interference:Only 3ms for 12 channels synchronously, Strong anti-jumping DSSS&FHSS working synchronously to keep the excellent anti-interference performance.

Real-time Information: Model voltage, RSSI signal strength, speed, altitude, distance and more on the LCD screen display. Support extended engine voltage telemetry module PRM-01 can feedback GPS info, Speed, voltage etc. on AT10II display when work with flight controller APM or PIX.

Multiple Alarm:Low RSSI alarm setting, low transmitter voltage, receiver voltage and extended engine voltage alarm. DD sounds and words alarming display on the blacklight LCD screen to avoid ignorance when you are in noise environment.

Voltage Protection System: RadioLink AT10II has included a circuit which prevents damage if you plug it in the wrong way. Low consumption of battery, A 3s 1800mAh liPo battery can work more than 12 hours.

Suit Multiple Models: Support Radiolink’s R9DS, R12DSM, R6DS, R6DSM,R12DS, receiver. Works with most racer quads on the market, suitable for FPV racing drone, helicopter, multirotor, car boat and more.

Programmable Mix Control: Fully computerized mixer configuration for fine control over most basic model aircraft functions.

Variety Switchs:Switches are various lengths for easy recognition and usage. 3 VR switches, 3 three-way position switches, 4 two-way position switches, 1 reset trainer switch. Support multiple aerial control mode and 2 PTZ *control

AT10II RC Transmitter Specifications:

  • Channels: 12ch

  • Mode: 2 (Left  Throttle)

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM bands (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz)

  • Channel Bandswidth: 5.0 MHz

  • Spread Spectrum: DSSS&FHSS

  • Adjacent Channel rejection: 38dbm

  • Transmitter Power: <100mW (20dbm )

  • Operating Current: <90mA

  • Operating Voltage: 7.4~15.0V

  • 4096 Section Precision

  • Screen: 3.5 inches 16 colorful screen, 320*480 pixels

  • Support receivers: R12DS, R9DS, R6DS, R6DSM, and R12DSM

R12DS Receiver Specifications

  • Signal: SBUS,PWM

  • Channel: PWM 12 channels, SBUS 12 channels

  • Working Voltage: 4.8-10V

  • Working Current: 38-45mA(input voltage: 5V)

  • Size: 5*3.2*1.5cm

  • Weight: 20

Package List

  • AT10II Transmitter  Mode 2 or Mode 1 x1

  • Radiolink R12DS Receiver x 1

  • Radiolink PRM-01 module x1

  • Mode 1/2 changing parts x 1

  • Simple user Manual x 1

  • Transmitter Lanyard x 1

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