Twelve South  BookArc 直立架


Twelve South 的 BookArc 直立架採用優雅的全鋁金屬,專為 MacBook 精心設計。BookArc 可直立支撐 MacBook,為你騰出更多桌面空間,令你的辦公空間更加整齊。利用弧形直立架做為你的 MacBook 底座,並連接外接螢幕、鍵盤與滑鼠,營造出具桌上型電腦風格的工作站。BookArc 具備三個柔軟的可換式矽膠內墊,可相容於你現有的 MacBook、MacBook Air 或 MacBook Pro,就連新一代的 MacBook 也可沿用無誤。



將 MacBook 直立放置,設計節省空間


隨附三個矽膠內墊,可搭配所有現有的 MacBook 機種

經噴砂處理,完美搭配 MacBook 的外型




Twelve South BookArc (適用於 MacBook)

三個可換式內墊,能搭配所有 MacBook 機種使用


材質 : 鋁金屬

高度 : 5.5 公分/2.2 吋

長度 : 21.5 公分/8.46 吋

寬度 : 9.2 公分/3.6 吋

重量 : 0.16 公斤

出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
價錢 HK$398

Can your MacBook become a massive desktop workstation? Yes indeed.

Did you know your MacBook was designed to run a full desktop setup? To turn your focus to a single massive screen like Apple’s XDR Pro Display, you can utilize a little-known feature called Closed-Display Mode. Enjoy a bright 32-inch display for super-sized photo editing, gain a dedicated number keypad using Apple’s Extended keyboard and reclaim vital desk real estate with your MacBook upright and tucked out of the way in BookArc.

With BookArc, even tiny desks fit a big monitor.

Just look at how effectively BookArc maximizes desk space! Now you can park a big display on the smallest of desks working from home or the office. Resting upright on BookArc, your MacBook can even be tucked behind your monitor, increasing your focus while freeing up even more desk space.

Create a comfortable desktop setup.

It’s hard to beat the portability of a MacBook on an airplane, but you don’t sit in an airplane seat at home. Why wouldn’t you sit in front of a full-size keyboard, mouse and external monitor when you can? BookArc creates room for comfy desktop setups whether you’re in the corner of a small apartment, in your temporary work from home office or atop a small IKEA desk. With BookArc, even a wall shelf becomes a potential desktop!

Fits your MacBook today, and tomorrow.

Fits your MacBook today, and tomorrow. One amazing feature of BookArc is that it’s designed to hold the MacBook you own now and the MacBook you buy tomorrow. How’s that possible? The silicone inserts that cushion and grip MacBook are easy to replace and update.

BookArc includes three different inserts to hold all current MacBooks. As Apple introduces new MacBooks, we’ll make new inserts to ensure BookArc stands the test of time. Already have a BookArc and looking for the newest inserts? You can purchase the newest inserts here.

Get to know Apple's Closed-Display Mode.

How does a MacBook work when it’s closed? It’s called Closed-Display Mode and this long-time feature on MacBooks was the inspiration for BookArc. Switching to Closed-Display Mode is super easy. But don’t take our word for it, here are Apple’s Closed-Display Mode instructions.

If you already use an external monitor as a dual-screen setup with your MacBook, BookArc gives you the option to switch to one display so you can laser focus on a single giant screen and gain back a ton of desk space.

The Origins of BookArc

Fun fact - BookArc was actually the very first product Twelve South introduced when the company launched in 2009 (a hundred years ago in tech "tech years"). Watch the video to see how it all came together.

BookArc Specs

BookArc for MacBook Height: 2.20 inches (5.58 cm)
Width: 3.60 inches (9.14 cm)
Length: 8.46 inches (21.48 cm)
Weight: 0.35 pounds (0.158 kg)
Insert D

13-inch MacBook Pro (USB-C, 2016-2019)

15-inch MacBook Pro (USB-C, 2016-2019)

A1706, A1708

A1707, A1990

Insert E

13-inch MacBook Air (Retina, 2018-2019)

13-inch MacBook Pro (USB-C, 2020)

A2159, A1989, A1932

A2289, A2251

Insert F

13-inch MacBook Air (Retina, 2020)

16-inch MacBook Pro (USB-C, 2019)



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