Twelve South HiRise 可調節支架


適合 MacBook 使用的 Twelve South HiRise 支架設計美觀,可自行調校,讓你在把手提電腦用作桌面電腦時可選擇最合適的高度。HiRise 配有矽膠襯裡和 V 型臂架,如同汽車輪胎緊貼地面一樣,穩固承托你的 MacBook。V 型臂架同時確保你的 Mac 周圍有最佳的空氣流通。

HiRise 的彈弓腳架讓你可輕鬆簡單地調校高度。把 MacBook 從桌面提高,讓你可專注於屏幕,又或提高 MacBook 的高度以對齊外置屏幕,帶來終極的雙顯示器設定。


可調校的支架,讓你可把 MacBook 用作桌面電腦

可配合所有大小的 MacBook 和所有高度身型的使用者


矽膠襯裡臂架緊扣 MacBook 機底

讓你可把 MacBook 及外置屏幕的高度對齊


支架底部配有 Teflon 滑軌,保護你的桌面

V 型顯示器支架為 MacBook 提供最佳空氣流動


出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
定價 HK$598
價錢 HK$548
HiRise for MacBook is a beautifully designed, height-adjustable stand that elevates your laptop to a comfortable desktop. HiRise does what fixed stands can't do, letting you set your screen height from a few inches up to a half foot off your desk, making it perfect for MacBooks and users of all sizes. You'll see HiRise as more of an upgrade than an accessory.
  • Adjusts MacBook screen height up to 6 inches to your ideal ergonomic setting
  • Aligns MacBook with external display for the ultimate dual-screen workstation
  • Pairs with keyboard and mouse for a more comfortable home office set up
  • Non-slip arms hold all size MacBooks - from 11-inch Air to 16-inch Pro

HiRise for MacBook

What goes up must come down.

When it comes to laptop stands, one height does not fit all. You’ll see what we mean the first time you use HiRise for MacBook. This sleek, brushed metal stand has a spring-loaded stem that lets you easily raise or lower the height to the viewing position most comfortable for you. If you connect your MacBook to an external monitor, you can use HiRise to align the two for the ultimate dual-display setup. Ready to give HiRise a high-five?

One stand for all MacBooks

Whether you’re rocking an 11-inch MacBook Air or a 15-inch MacBook Pro, this height-adjustable stand delivers desktop comfort. HiRise has v-shaped arms that are lined with a soft silicone that grips the base of your Mac. The arms also allow maximum airflow around your laptop. On the bottom of the metal stand, you’ll find teflon rails that allow you to spin HiRise from side to side without leaving marks on the surface of your desk.

Unique Dual-Screen Backgrounds for HiRise

When you pair your MacBook with HiRise and an external display, you get more than dual screens -- you get a gorgeous, seamless horizon to work with. We always wanted to create backgrounds that matched up perfectly for dual displays, so we partnered with photographer Scott Gordon to create a collection of all-original, dual-screen desktop backgrounds for your Mac. They're free to download as our gift to you.

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Meet the whole family.

Our HiRise family is the perfect way to elevate your MacBook, iMac, iPad mini or iPhone to a more comfortable viewing height. All three HiRise models are made from sturdy steel to support, showcase and boost your Apple user experience.

Meet the HiRise family

HiRise for MacBook Specs

HiRise for MacBook

Width (base): 7.16 inches (182 mm)
Depth (base): 8.07 inches (205mm)
Width (arm span): 10.6 inches (270 mm)
Min. Height: 3.7 inches (94mm)
Max. Height: 5.6 inches (142 mm)
Weight: 1.75 pounds (0.79 kg)

Supports all laptops up to 7 pounds.

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