Christian Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette 男士淡香水 100mL (Tester Pack)


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定價 HK$980
價錢 HK$699

The ultimate fresh fragrance combination, with the fascinating name of the Charisma Declaration, is the way Dior's chief aromaist François Demachy pursues: original and luxury. Dior carefully selects the ingredients extracted from nature and pours it into the aromatherapy formula without reservation: the Calaberia bergamot bursts with a bright top note; the dragon scent derived from the precious dragon musk releases a strong woody fragrance breath. Sauvage is a journey of artistic creation inspired by the vast world. The steep mountains embrace the blue sky, and the sun sets the desert into a scorching heat.

product description

  • Fragrance: Fresh woody floral notes
  • Top notes: Calabria bergamot 
  • Middle taste: patchouli, Sichuan pepper 
  • After taste: ambergris

Capacity: 60 / 100 mL


Gently spray near the neck, wrist, heel, etc. before going out or after bathing