Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Limited Edition 鋼筆

Treat your customers as personalities whose handwriting is worth putting down on paper ... with a Lamy fountain pen that fulfils all needs when it comes to writing style, quality, and comfort.
F Nib Size

取貨方式 工商區,住宅區,自取 (需於 30 日內取貨)
定價 HK$380
價錢 HK$150

  • Sturdy plastic, shiny
  • metal clip
  • ergonomic grip
  • steel nib, polished
  • with ink cartridge LAMY T 10 blue
  • can be used with the converter LAMY
  • 平行進口產品 (水貨)
  • 7日內有壞包換購物保障 (不包括人為損壞並須要保留完整包裝)