• 相思木製外盒,別具年代感
  • 十九件調酒配件,為自己特配一杯雞尾酒
  • Acacia wooden box, unique sense of time
  • Nineteen accessories for cocktail making
出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
定價 HK$2,788
價錢 HK$1,299

想為自己和朋友調一杯專屬的雞尾酒嗎?或者正為那愛酒的朋友找一份禮物? MADISON 調酒工具木盒套裝正是您所需的。相思木製外盒富有年化感,而十九件的調酒配件可以協助調酒時的每個過程,不論是攪拌好、或是除泡好,所能輕鬆做到。

Want to have a special cocktail for yourself and your friends? Or are you looking for a gift for a friend who loves cocktails? The MADISON Bartender Wood Box Set is just what you need. The Acacia wooden box has an annualized feel, and the 19-piece bartending accessories can assist in every process of mixing, and creating amazing cocktails.

Size and Information

  • 外盒:35.6cm x 26.7cm x 28.7cm
  • 六枝不銹鋼籤
  • 一個不銹鋼籤筒
  • 一個不銹鋼隔冰匙
  • 一個不銹鋼冰夾
  • 一個不銹鋼長身調酒匙
  • 一個不銹鋼雙面量酒器
  • 一枝不銹鋼攪拌棒
  • 一個不銹鋼開瓶器
  • 一組不銹鋼調酒杯
  • 一把不銹鋼刀
  • 一個玻璃冰桶
  • 一個錐型玻璃瓶:8oz
  • 一塊雲石砧板:17.0cm x 15.0cm x 1.8cm


  • Outer box: 35.6cm x 26.7cm x 28.7cm
  • Six stainless steel signs
  • A stainless steel cylinder
  • A stainless steel ice breaker
  • A stainless steel ice clip
  • A stainless steel long handle spoon
  • A stainless steel double-sided measuring cup
  • A stainless steel stir bar
  • A stainless steel opener
  • A set of stainless steel cocktail glasses
  • A stainless steel knife
  • A glass ice bucket
  • A cone glass bottle: 8oz
  • A marble cutting board: 17.0cm x 15.0cm x 1.8cm