Picnic Time GRENACHE WINE TOOL 盒裝專業開瓶套裝
  • 黑色仿皮外盒更顯高貴
  • 七件配件滿足品嚐各類酒品所需
  • Black imitation leather case
  • Seven pieces of accessories to open any kind of wine
出貨方式 送貨
定價 HK$300
價錢 HK$199



  • 在品嚐紅酒那複雜的芳香、或是細味白酒那清新的花香前,我們所不能欠缺的是一套專業的工具。一把符合人體工學的開瓶器可以輕易移除酒塞;一枚錫紙切割器可以將包裝用的錫紙輕易𠝹開;一枝專用的溫度計可以確保我們在最佳的溫度去品嚐葡萄酒;一枚酒環可以防止酒滴沾染瓶身的標籤;一枚酒嘴可輕易且準確地導出那瓊漿玉露;一枚酒塞可以將美味封存,好以擇日再細味。而這一切,都已經包括在GRENACHE 盒裝專業開瓶套裝內。
  • Before we can taste the complex aroma of red wine or the fresh floral fragrance of white wine, what we need is a set of professional tools. An ergonomic bottle opener can easily remove the wine stopper; a tin foil cutter can easily pry the packaging tin foil; a dedicated thermometer ensures that we can taste the wine at the best temperature; The wine ring can prevent the wine from contaminating the label of the bottle; a wine mouth can easily and accurately extract the nectar; a wine stopper can seal the delicious wine. All of this has been included in the GRENACHE boxed professional bottle opener set.


  • 仿皮外盒:23.8cm x 16.7cm x 5.3cm
  • 一個玫瑰木專業開瓶器
  • 一枝溫度計
  • 一枚錫紙切割器
  • 一枚酒塞
  • 一枚酒環
  • 一枚酒嘴

Size and Information

  • Imitation leather case: 23.8cm x 16.7cm x 5.3cm
  • A rosewood professional bottle opener
  • A thermometer
  • A tin foil cutter
  • A wine stopper
  • A wine ring
  • A wine mouth