PICNIC TIME Handmade Beer Tasting Rack | 手工啤酒架
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定價 HK$349
價錢 HK$199


Do you like to taste the uniqueness of different craft beers? The handmade beer racks can well meet your needs. The hanging design can reduce the contact area between the beer mug and the wood, so that the beer can be kept frozen; the outside of the beer rack is made of blackboard material, and the name of the beer can be written with chalk; the bottom is specially set up to display the lids, so that the whole beer tasting process leaves some cool image memories.


  • 啤酒架:30.5cm x 11.2cm x 13.5cm
  • 四隻啤酒杯:4oz
  • 一枝粉筆

Size and Information

  • Beer rack: 30.5cm x 11.2cm x 13.5cm
  • Four beer mugs: 4oz
  • a piece of chalk