speck Flaptop Sleeve for Macbook
Protective MacBook sleeve with IMPACTIUM™ FOAM shock barrier for shock absorption
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定價 HK$399
價錢 HK$99

FlapTop Sleeve is designed to guard your MacBook from everyday hazards. Showcasing some never before seen features, this MacBook sleeve offers Speck quality protection while keeping your device secure and easily accessible.

FlapTop Sleeve is equipped with our unique IMPACTIUM™ FOAM shock barrier, a lightweight and strong, shock-absorbent foam perimeter, which compresses on impact to absorb shock. Its patent-pending, intuitive closure uses a responsive flex zone that allows you to quickly access and securely store your MacBook, while protecting it from bumps and abrasions.

Featuring a form-fit design, FlapTop Sleeve provides slim, padded protection that easily fits your device like a second skin without adding unnecessary bulk. And finally, FlapTop Sleeve’s protective panels have a water-resistant finish that repels moisture and makes it easy to wipe clean.

Like all of our products, this MacBook sleeve has been lab-tested against extreme temperatures, cracks, chemicals, and abrasions.

Speck makes products that are designed for impact to protect the tech you rely on. With a balance of slim lines and reliable protection, we provide a difference you can see and feel.

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