AAW A3H+ 入耳式耳機 - Hong Kong Edition (限量版)
  • AAW 繼大成功嘅 Halcyon 後﹐公佈推出全新入門型號 A3H+﹐
  • 香港限定版仲會有特別藍綠幻彩嘅貝母面板非常吸引
出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
價錢 HK$1,799

Renewed Hybrid Architecture

A3H+ is the latest evolution on hybrid architecture following the critic acclaimed A3H Hybrid In-Ear Monitor. In comparison to its predecessor, A3H+ utilized a more advanced Nozzle-less Open Vented Armature (NOVATM) Driver coupled with a brand-new graphene dynamic woofer and a mid-range balanced armature driver.

Flagship performance at entry cost

Entry or Flagship? AAW design and charter our product roadmap carefully to cater to different market segments and price range. We always make the best effort to fully tap on our driver combinations' potential, regardless of their driver count. ACH brings a new era of acoustic architecture on the table and despite its competitive costing due to driver type and count. The new hybrid platform delivers ear-catching performance at a fraction of the cost of a typical flagship In-Ear Monitor.

Nozzle-less Open Vented Armature (NOVATM) Driver

In this hybrid structure, we choose to use a specially designed armature driver with an open front acoustic vent and embedded it deep into the A3H+'s 3d printed nozzle. The proximity to the user eardrum will eliminate sound pressure decay and any unwanted resonance in a typical tubed balanced armature design.

Graphene Dynamic Woofer

The brand-new graphene dynamic driver has an ultra-thin and rigid film diaphragm made of graphene material. By further utilizing a physical low pass filter, it is to the only function in minimal overlapping frequency range as opposed to the balanced armature drivers. Coupled with a delicate positional arrangement and the new 3d printed acoustic chamber design, AAW can achieve improved coherence, minimize phase shift, and optimize the arrival timing of music signal.

Precision Design and 3D Printing

With a wholly digitized design process, A3H+'s driver and nozzle placement are simulated hundreds of iterations to determine the ideal phasing and response. Its enclosure and acoustic chamber are 3D printed to precision to maintain consistency in mass production.

Sound Signature

A3H+ is tuned with a vigorous and lively sound signature in mind, it offers natural sub-bass, which you will never find in a full, balanced armature setup. The dedicated NOVATM driver offers crystal clear details in the vocal and treble range. The treble extension is well controlled to provide a non-fatiguing listening experience. 
Suitable for band performances, emerging artists, worship events, and anybody who appreciates exceptional listening experience.
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